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For any successful analogue industrial business to thrive in the digital era, there are three core activities that executives need to fixate on to ensure their organisation transitions in the most productive way possible.

User Experience / User Interface

The First and usually the domain of the Digital Agency is the User Experience or User Interface. And whilst it is always a sound business plan to make the User Interface as intuitive as possible, seamlessly leading the customer (or supplier or employee) to the most logical conclusion – doing business with you. It is not the Nirvana, or be all and end all that some creative types would have you believe. It is remarkable how long standing relationships, brand loyalty, or good old fashioned price promises can overcome some of the most horrendous User Experiences. Now that is not to suggest that User Experience is not critical for your successful future because it obviously is, ease of use and logical process flows in tune with the synapses of the users brain are the best way to successfully progress in the Digital Era. But it’s definitely not the only thing.

Digital Transformation and Infrastructure

The Second and the long-standing hunting ground of every System Integrator is Digital Transformation and Infrastructure. And whilst we hear business executives switching off instantly, please bear with us. Hundreds of SI‘s will produce reams of justification that Transformation and Infrastructure are paramount, the truth of the matter is that some of the world’s most successful Digital business started with nothing more than chewing gum and string infrastructures which scaled massively using commodity technology when their business cases were proved. Indeed many cloud based infrastructure providers will offer you world leading market proven infrastructures for peanuts, whilst you get your digital house in order. So why do you need a transformation strategy when your legacy infrastructure is just weighing you down, why not leave the past just where it is, severe those ties that hold you back and start with a new almost free infrastructure on a cost paradigm your business never enjoyed in the old analogue world?

Digital Information

The Third, and arguably the most important component, is Digital Information. Your organisation cannot do Digital without Data, it’s just impossible. Digital without Data is like a car without wheels, theoretically it will get you from A to B quicker than walking (the analogue world), but in practice without wheels (data) you are going absolutely nowhere. In fact some of the world’s most successful Digital businesses lead their industries using data alone, nothing else just data. Google, Amazon and Facebook instantly spring to mind, but the likes of Uber own the transportation space whilst employing no drivers and owning no vehicles. AirBnB lead the overnight accommodation market, whilst owning no property at all. JustEat lead the home dining experience but employ no chefs, own no kitchens or restaurants. These are just data companies, they live, eat and sleep just data.

So getting the UI and Infrastructure right isn’t the be all and end all that some would have you believe. The one thing every executive could chose to ignore in the Analogue world now becomes THE business pre-requisite is the Digital era – Information!

Digital Information

At Digital Information Limited we are unique in putting the oft overlooked and completely ignore business discipline at the epicentre of your Digital Strategy, because we know that if you don’t then your business will suffer and undoubtedly lead to an extinction event, far faster in a Digital domain than ever happened in the Analogue world. Take a close look at Cambridge Analytica, from the scandal first breaking to closing the front door forever took just 19 days. If you compare it took

Gerald Ratner almost a year to kill his very successful High Street brand after saying those apocryphal words “I sell crap” at an Institute of Director conference in 1991 and even then many of the business assets were acquired and live on under less inflammatory fascias. Cambridge Analytica is totally dead and many executives may be going to prison as a consequence.

Information will be the lifeblood of your organisation in the Digital Era. Digital Information Limited focuses on ensuring you have the correct Digital Information Strategy. You deploy that Strategy in the most logical way possible, with all your existing Information Assets Optimised, Enhanced and most of all Monetised. We help you make your Data make money and if you do that well you will become an Information-Centric Digital Business, turning Data into Money and Money into Power!

Our People

The team at Digital Information are proven experts in all aspects of the Digital Information landscape from the most innocuous yet critical aspects of Data Quality through every Regulatory Data use case to the far reaches of Digital Information Monetisation including Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Robotic Process Automation, the Streaming Data disciplines of the Internet of Things and every facet of Data Science.


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